Psarokokalo presents 

Greece and Cyprus short films

line-up 2022

22 new Greece and Cyprus talents to discover

Selected for the excellence of their work these 22 short films embody the renewal of our cinema through their audacity, the diversity of their backgrounds, their freshness, exacting career choices, and their commitment.

The lineup exclusively in Greek and Cypriot production presents selected fiction, animation, and documentary films. (drama-comedy - films for children)

The films touch on key issues of social dialogue and approach topics such as multiple discriminations on the grounds of gender, religion, poverty, xenophobia,  economic migration, LGBTQ+, war crimes, misinformation,  eating disorders, and an addiction to social media etc 

" What Goals Do You See?”

Psarokokalo International Short Film Festival supports the Sustainable Development Goals through its actions. We believe that films and educational activities Psaroloco media literacy are a great stimulus for introducing discussion and setting the drive into action on issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Psarokokalo is proud to focus the spotlight on this new generation of directors who contribute so fully to the effervescence of Greece's and Cyprus cinematographic creation and to encourage the distribution of their films beyond Greece's borders.

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Umbilical by Elpida Stathatou

Fiction 12:47 Greece

The story of a young woman's struggle to separate from her religious and superstitious upbringing. As she battles her traumatic past she discovers exactly how far she will go to reconcile her internalised doubts.

Photo 3 STILL_-_Umbilical__3.jpg

Amygdala by Maria Hatzakou

Fiction 22:00 Greece

Two sisters, Anna and Melina spend the last days of the summer in their vacation house outside of Athens. Anna is having a party to celebrate her birthday and her passage to adulthood. Soon she will be off to college leaving her little sister behind. She has invited Maria, her crush, to spend the day with her by the pool and organise the party. Melina obsessively loves and admires her older sister and wants badly to be part of her world. She is not invited to the party. But she sets her mind to it, making this night for her sister a bloody night to remember.

Pass: amygdalashortfilm

Photo 1 amygdala_still1.jpg

SoulFood by Nikos Tseberopoulos

Fiction 24:09 Greece

Yannis (15) and his mother are moving in, at her boyfriend’s apartment. Yannis starts hanging out with Olga (40), a socially secluded hard rock woman who lives in the basement of his apartment building. Simultaneously, he associates with a group of teenagers, the leader of which bullies Olga whenever he sees her.

Pass: Tseberopoulos2021

Photo 2 SOUL_FOOD_final_fix.00_20_36_21.Still001.jpg

A Summer Place

by Alexandra Matheou

Fiction 20:00 Cyprus

Summer is a permanent state of mind in Limassol, a once small seaside town in Cyprus that has transformed into the oligarch paradise of the Mediterranean. Being both a player and a victim of this city transformation as a food stylist, Tina is depressed. On the day of her birthday, she is ready to give up on everything, until an extraordinary encounter changes her life.

Pass: ASP_AM_Eng

Photo 5 ASP_stills13.jpg

Cortázar by Argyris Germanidis and Katerina Strauch

Fiction 10:01 Greece

Somewhere on the mainland, the tenants of a building sleepwalk towards their windows to watch Sisyphos sweep away the fallen leaves. It's autumn. On the radio, a voice mentions Cortázar's aquatic endeavours. A series of drownings and disappearances connect the water supply system to a secret passage to the sea


Photo 6 cortazar_stills_B_6.jpg

1980 by ConstantineVenetopoulos

Fiction 22:00 Greece

A man looks for love in a dystopian period of time not so different from ours, where fear is the latest pandemic.

Pass: makis


At The Airport 

by Michalis Mathioudakis

Fiction 22:36 Greece

In a small greek island, Prokopis is the only employee of the local airport.


Photo 3 Sto-Aerodromio_Web_24p_mp4-h264-30mbps_1920x1036-1.85to1_Rec709-2.4_VideoLevels_St

Beauty by Thanos Liberopoulos

Fiction 22:00 Greece

Callie, an unemployed young woman living with her controlling mother, is looking for a way out through the glittery yet cruel YouTube beauté universe. She will go beyond her limits to please her handful of subscribers while keeping up a smiling face and maintaining a perfect image



Betrayal by Katiana Zachariou

Fiction 14:47 Greece

14-year-old Irene finds out a secret about her father that puts a strain on their relationship. Meanwhile, she discovers the power of telekinesis.

Pass: b5e7t3

Photo 1 Betrayal_1.jpg

To Vancouver

by Artemis Anastasiadou 

Fiction 24:00 Greece

Two siblings, one spell, wounded landscapes and an inevitable departure. "To Vancouver" is a short chronicle of a disappearing act in the times of the new Depression.

Pass: LightsTVANCON0007

Photo 3 TOVANCOUVER_3.jpg


Every Sunday by Keti Papadema

Documentary 23:38 Cyprus

A group of Filipino domestic workers in Cyprus prepares for a beauty pageant organized by their community, while a case of a serial killer targeting foreign female workers comes to the surface.

Pass: screener

Photo 5 STILL_9.jpg

Trash by Eleftheria Katsianou

Documentary 15:57 Greece

The documentary follows Lefteris Yakoumakis, a city artist, on his personal journey. Lefteris lives in Athens, draws on trash and wants to free himself from the city and from whatever haunts him personally. As the cycle of drawing on trash comes to a close, Lefteris looks for other ways to free himself.

Pass: 7trash7_5

Photo 5 Sequence_10001.jpg

CHIMERA hallucinating media and war crimes by Nikos Kostopoulos 

Documentary 21:17 Greece

“CHIMERA hallucinating media and war crimes” is a film based on the archives of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, the local courts of the region that dealt with war crimes that were committed during the Yugoslav wars from 1991 to 2001, and the relevant media reports of the time. 

Pass: chimera

Photo 4 CHIMERA.00_13_34_09.Still007.jpg

Girlhood by Vania Turner and Maria Sidiropoulou 

Documentary 30:00 Greece

Three teenage girls find refuge in their friendship as they struggle with gender expectations, eating disorders and an addiction to social media amid a long, emotionally stifling quarantine in Greece.

Pass: GirlsVCN

Photo 1 12.jpg


Documentary - Animation 3:58 Greece

A magnetic animation-documentary, using Google Earth satellite facilities to travel worlwide during the pandemic era. Epic music by the Athenian Kostadis.

Photo 4 2_0007_Captura_de_pantalla_2021-04-14_a_las_23.32.21.png.jpg


Echo by Sergio Kotsovoulos

Animation 11:47 Greece

Ellie avoids verbal communication because she hears an ECHO of what she thinks to be the thoughts of the speaker. She survives thanks to her landlady. Manu moves into the apartment across. Day by day, their routines echo each other

Photo 2 vlcsnap-2021-10-14-21h51m06s005.jpg

EndFGM by Alexia Roider  

Animation 2:15 Cyprus

Female Genital Mutilation is a procedure that removes or injures the external female genitalia for non-medical reasons. Most often, it is practiced on girls and young women under 18. Two hundred million girls and women alive today have undergone FGM

Photo 2 Screenshot_2021-08-06_at_2.11.27_PM.jpg

I lost the way by Panagiotis Rappas

Animation 8:00 Greece

Two parallel monologues.Two men of different ages, talk about their lives and what haunts them.They are both the same person. The poet M. Sachtouris in different phases of his life. The questions he asks are not philosophical declarations or logical findings, but images. Images that seem to come from a dream and end up in his poetic iconography.

Photo 5 I_LOST_THE_WAY_015.jpg


Elevator Alone by Anastasia Papadopoulou

Animation 3:38 Greece


Four people and the time they spend in an elevator. Inspired by everyday life and by the difference in people's behavior when they are alone, in contrast to the socially acceptable behavior that individuals adopt when in public space and especially in the confined and always awkward setting of an elevator.

Photo 1 ElevatorAlone_Still1.jpg

Keep your feet on the clouds

by Eleni Lazaridi 

Animation 2:42 Greece

Fikos is trying to cross the city on his wheelchair, but he constantly encounters obstacles that he can overcome only through imagination.

Photo 8 keep_your_feet_on_the_clouds08.jpg

Lost & Found

by Vivian Papageorgiou  

Animation 9:14 Greece

A suitcase is ready for a new trip with its owner but isn’t exactly happy for that. It wants to travel alone and be free so is trying to convince the other suitcases for a revolution but no one is willing to do so. The suitcase meets her soul mate and after a mess up in the airport they manage to escape this golden cage and live free and happy ever after.

Pass: Lostandfound_2020

Photo 2 Lost__Found_still_2.jpg

The Knight's Hart

by Vivi Markatos  

Animation 30:00 Greece

Col, a young farm boy, dreams of becoming a knight! On his journey he will visit a grand castle, explore a mysterious forest, and meet a colourful cast of characters. Will Col have the courage to face his fears, and prove he has what it takes to be a knight?

Photo 9 Frame_8353.jpg